Bise Business Advisory helps businesses solve problems, serving as an expert resource for the unexpected.

Bise is experienced in business valuation, restructuring, intermim management and litigation support.

Expert Assistance for Businesses in Transition

I help businesses solve problems by serving as an expert resource for the unexpected or unfamiliar. With experience in business valuation, restructuring, interim management and litigation support, I can help when you find yourself on unfamiliar ground facing:

  • Disruptive changes in the pace of business or cash flow
  • Strained relationships with lenders or investors
  • Conflicting goals among partners or officers
  • Unfamiliar issues in the purchase or sale of a business
  • Abrupt changes in management

When these occur, few organizations have the resources in-house to respond. Frequently, the responsible officer or employee is too close to the situation, or participates in the problem.

My job is to assess the situation, develop the right response and resolve the problem. This may mean a single, time-limited project or  continuing involvement in the company. For some businesses, I serve as an outside consultant; for others, I become a member of the leadership team for the time required to complete the task.

If you need advice you can trust, action guided by objective analysis and experience working with businesses in transition, contact me. For regular updates on business issues, join my newsletter.
John Bise