Bise Business Advisory helps businesses solve problems, serving as an expert resource for the unexpected.

Bise is experienced in business valuation, restructuring, intermim management and litigation support.

Interim Management

When your business is confronted with the unexpected, it may be time to bring in an outside expert.

  • The resignation, illness or death of a key manager can severely disrupt operations. Someone needs to step in fast.
  • A major lender, competitor, or even a shareholder may initiate an action that threatens the business. You don't have time to "learn by doing" when you have only one chance to do it right.
  • An opportunity with a very "short fuse" arises, suddenly demanding a level of analysis, fast action, objectivity or valuation experience that few business owners should attempt unaided.

Why an outside expert?

Objectivity. When faced with an unexpected challenge, you as an owner or loyal employee may be completely unable to ignore your emotional or financial entanglement. Analyzing and thinking through the situation clearly may just not be possible.

Experience. If you've never been in the situation at hand, you can't know the best way to understand it, or choose the best course of action.

Confidentiality. Many situations threaten the status quo and any premature disclosure of critical information could be devastating.

In these and similar situations, I can temporarily assume the required function - from CEO to COO to Chief Restructuring Officer to division manager. With experience working with multiple organizations in crisis, I can offer the expertise and objectivity that may be vital to the crisis at hand. You get high energy attention for the temporary requirement without a long-term commitment.