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Twin Bay Village: A Cautionary Tale
When active shareholders get greedy, the inactive get the shaft. Even in a family business, it pays to be careful. Read more -->

They Cheated, They Lied
Supervisors at CT Freight are caught working for their old boss against the interests of their employer. The court made them pay. Read more -->

Dodge v. Ford
Henry Ford’s guests at his son Edsel’s wedding included John and Horace Dodge, good friends and owners of 10% of the stock in Ford Motor Company. The day after the wedding, the Dodge’s sued Ford. Things got ugly. Read more -->

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
If your business is deteriorating fast and you feel the need to shout “Mayday!” then maybe we should talk. Read more -->

Gold Rush
James Marshall and John Sutter were responsible for starting the California Gold Rush of 1849. Did they get rich? Retire happy, wealthy men? Read more -->

Emulate the Cubs
The management of the new world-champion Chicago Cubs built a great team with vision, stategic patience, financial strength and good hires. With a scorecard measuring critical aspects of business performance, you can have the metrics to build a winning business. Read more -->

A Greedy Guest
For a Labor Day cookout, you should plan on having plenty of burgers just in case one of your guests gets a little greedy. A guest just like the IRS.  
Read more -->

Dog Days and Rising Stars
I learned late in life that the term "Dog Days" had a rich Greek heritage and nothing to do with lazy dogs on hot days. Similarly, you may be wrong about terms like cash cycle, intangible value, business valuation and others that can affect the success of your business.  Read more -->

Whirlwind Courtship, Embarrassing Result
Walgreens, a company that should know better, thought Elizabeth Holmes’ startup Theranos would revolutionize blood testing; and they helped drive an unproved company to a valuation of over $9 billion. They leaped before they looked. Read more -->

The IRS Says,"Pass"
Because of the Emancipation Day holiday, the IRS let you take an extra three days to file. This weekend pass was nice, but they don't grant passes when you have gifted shares or stock grants over $10,000 in a privately held firm. Read more -->

Lessons from a Daredevil
Kirk Kerkorian may have been a daredevil pilot and a lightweight boxer, but after making a few multi-billion dollar deals, he has a few lessons for business owners about valuation. Read more -->

Don't Be a Poisson d'Avril
In sixteenth century France, you were considered a “poisson d’Avril, an April fish, a fool, if you didn’t know that Pope Gregory had changed the Julian calendar and made New Year’s Day January 1 instead of April 1. Don’t let yourself be fooled when you’re considering a deal that involves the real value of a business. Read more -->

The Jed Clampett Defense
Remember Jed, the Beverly Hillbilly? He's back, this time as a courtroom defense strategy. Because Jed did nothing to earn his wealth, the defense that shares his name seeks to reduce the valuation of assets. Read more -->

Learn to Think Like Butch Cassidy

The Sundance kid had some good advice for Butch - and you, too. With end-of-year results in hand, it's time for some serious thinking about your business. Read more -->

Court Rules Fair Value Isn't Always Fair
A recent decision by the Superor Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, may have far-reaching implications involving litigated business valuations.
Read more -->

The Louisiana Purchase - A Valuation Mess
If ever a deal needed valuation assistance, it would be the Louisiana Purchase. Dwarfing virtually any land transaction in history, key elements of the Purchase came close to comedy. Read more -->

You and Al Capone
Recently, the nation marked the eighty-first anniversary of the conviction of Al Capone. As you may remember, Mr. Capone avoided prosecution for a lifetime of crime only to fall to charges of ignoring his taxes. Though not facing prison, many successful individuals today are at risk of paying a very high price for failing to be attentive to tax laws. Read more-->

The Essence of Optimism
These are tough times, and recently I have been consulting with business leaders who are wearied by burdens, struggling in a difficult market and trying not to lose heart. The determination of two famous men, and how they expressed their resolve, is encouraging in difficult times. Read more-->

Yogi Berra: An Astute Business Observer
Yogi said "You can observe a lot by watching," and business managers would do well to follow the baseball sage's advice. Read more-->