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The Wizard of School Street
Investors were getting 50% returns in 90 days by giving their money to the Wizard of School Street. What a deal!
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Covid Business Hazards
These are not normal times. Covid-19 is bad for everyone and terrible for some businesses. If you or a client of yours face servere conditions, I can help.
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You may be superstitious and nervous about being on the 13th floor of a hotel, but you can still use this "13 tool" in your business.

If Thy Brother Wrongs Thee
Family squabbles can hurt a business, and sometimes a court has to bring a final resolution. This can be avoided if you have the right agreements in place up front.

We'll Just Buy Him Out
If you think you can solve a problem with a partner by just buying him out, you could be sorely mistaken.

Coping with the Dog Days
Businesses can suffer from the doldrums of a lax period, or can get too hot. Let me help. Read more -->

Twin Bay Village: A Cautionary Tale
When active shareholders get greedy, the inactive get the shaft. Even in a family business, it pays to be careful. Read more -->

They Cheated, They Lied
Supervisors at CT Freight are caught working for their old boss against the interests of their employer. The court made them pay. Read more -->

Dodge v. Ford
Henry Ford’s guests at his son Edsel’s wedding included John and Horace Dodge, good friends and owners of 10% of the stock in Ford Motor Company. The day after the wedding, the Dodge’s sued Ford. Things got ugly. Read more -->

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
If your business is deteriorating fast and you feel the need to shout “Mayday!” then maybe we should talk. Read more -->

Gold Rush
James Marshall and John Sutter were responsible for starting the California Gold Rush of 1849. Did they get rich? Retire happy, wealthy men? Read more -->

Emulate the Cubs
The management of the new world-champion Chicago Cubs built a great team with vision, stategic patience, financial strength and good hires. With a scorecard measuring critical aspects of business performance, you can have the metrics to build a winning business. Read more -->

A Greedy Guest
For a Labor Day cookout, you should plan on having plenty of burgers just in case one of your guests gets a little greedy. A guest just like the IRS.  
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