Bise Business Advisory helps businesses solve problems, serving as an expert resource for the unexpected.

Bise is experienced in business valuation, restructuring, intermim management and litigation support.

Temporary Management Services

When your business is confronted with the unexpected, it may be time to bring in an outside expert. Read newsletters on this topic.

Covid Business Hazards
These are not normal times. Covid-19 is bad for everyone and terrible for some businesses. If you or a client of yours face servere conditions, I can help.
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Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
If your business is deteriorating fast and you feel the need to shout “Mayday!” then maybe we should talk.

Interim Management

When the one who ran the business is suddenly gone, what do you do?

Managing Turbulence
"We're just hunkering down, trying to last through this cycle." I've heard this repeatedly from business owners the last 18 months. Read more-->

The Essence of Optimism
These are tough times, and recently I have been consulting with business leaders who are wearied by burdens, struggling in a difficult market and trying not to lose heart. The determination of two famous men, and how they expressed their resolve, is encouraging in difficult times. Read more-->