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Bise is experienced in business valuation, restructuring, intermim management and litigation support.

General Management Services

I work with managers to diagnose the problems that lead to decline and help them explore ways to resolve often very difficult issues. Read newsletters on this topic. 
You may be superstitious and nervous about being on the 13th floor of a hotel, but you can still use this "13 tool" in your business.
Read more -->

Coping with the Dog Days
Businesses can suffer from the doldrums of a lax period, or can get too hot. Let me help. Read more -->

Twin Bay Village: A Cautionary Tale
When active shareholders get greedy, the inactive get the shaft. Even in a family business, it pays to be careful. Read more -->

Gold Rush
James Marshall and John Sutter were responsible for starting the California Gold Rush of 1849. Did they get rich? Retire happy, wealthy men? Read more -->

Emulate the Cubs

The management of the new world-champion Chicago Cubs built a great team with vision, stategic patience, financial strength and good hires. With a scorecard measuring critical aspects of business performance, you can have the metrics to build a winning business. Read more -->

Learn to Think Like Butch Cassidy

The Sundance kid had some good advice for Butch - and you, too. With end-of-year results in hand, it's time for some serious thinking about your business. Read more -->

The Value of a Business Scorecard

Are your lenders and investors concerned about your business? How can you help them understand your real strengths? Read more-->

Lessons in Management - Why You Need a Friendly Adversary
Many business leaders avoid being challenged. They may invite input, but their real interest is concurrence and ratification of their own decisions. Read more-->

Earnings Season
A thorough management discussion and analysis of results is required for public companies. You should do the same.  Read more-->

Oh No. Not Again!
With fears of a double dip recession strengthening, you can learn valuable lessons from Louie Zamperini, a heroic WWII prisoner of war. Read more-->

Evel Knievel - Not a Role Model for Prospects Looking to Buy Your Business
Evel Knievel was a daredevil's daredevil, with each of his death-defying feats topping his last. Don't assume your prospects are as interested in risk.

Making Your Focus List
You'll be doing your business a big favor if you'll make a focus list that itemizes all the factors you would use to describe your business to an outsider.

Yogi Berra: An Astute Business Observer
Yogi said "You can observe a lot by watching," and business managers would do well to follow the baseball sage's advice. Read more-->