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Bise is experienced in business valuation, restructuring, intermim management and litigation support.

General Management Services

I work with managers to diagnose the problems that lead to decline and help them explore ways to resolve often very difficult issues. Read newsletters on this topic. 
Twin Bay Village: A Cautionary Tale
When active shareholders get greedy, the inactive get the shaft. Even in a family business, it pays to be careful. Read more -->

Gold Rush
James Marshall and John Sutter were responsible for starting the California Gold Rush of 1849. Did they get rich? Retire happy, wealthy men? Read more -->

Emulate the Cubs

The management of the new world-champion Chicago Cubs built a great team with vision, stategic patience, financial strength and good hires. With a scorecard measuring critical aspects of business performance, you can have the metrics to build a winning business. Read more -->

Learn to Think Like Butch Cassidy

The Sundance kid had some good advice for Butch - and you, too. With end-of-year results in hand, it's time for some serious thinking about your business. Read more -->

The Value of a Business Scorecard

Are your lenders and investors concerned about your business? How can you help them understand your real strengths? Read more-->

Lessons in Management - Why You Need a Friendly Adversary
Many business leaders avoid being challenged. They may invite input, but their real interest is concurrence and ratification of their own decisions. Read more-->

Earnings Season
A thorough management discussion and analysis of results is required for public companies. You should do the same.  Read more-->

Oh No. Not Again!
With fears of a double dip recession strengthening, you can learn valuable lessons from Louie Zamperini, a heroic WWII prisoner of war. Read more-->

Evel Knievel - Not a Role Model for Prospects Looking to Buy Your Business
Evel Knievel was a daredevil's daredevil, with each of his death-defying feats topping his last. Don't assume your prospects are as interested in risk.

Making Your Focus List
You'll be doing your business a big favor if you'll make a focus list that itemizes all the factors you would use to describe your business to an outsider.

Yogi Berra: An Astute Business Observer
Yogi said "You can observe a lot by watching," and business managers would do well to follow the baseball sage's advice. Read more-->